The Block Party - EP6 Pt 2: Steven Nico Williams, CEO of Populous.World

The Block Party - EP6 Pt 1: Steven Nico Williams, CEO of Populous.World

Clif interviews Steve Nico Williams! Raw interview!


Populous World paves the way into the Indian market by signing a deal with TradeSpace

The team at Populous World have announced a collaboration deal with TradeSpace, an invoice factorin platform based in India. This combined...


Populous Completes The Worlds First Blockchain Based Invoice Finance Transaction

Populous have apparently completed the world’s first blockchain based invoice finance transaction, with the debtor having paid their invoice...


Populous World partners up with Cashaa.

Populous World have announced their newest partnership with the blockchain based banking platform Cashaa. Founded in 2016, Cashaa, have...


Populous World successfully closes world’s first invoice sale on the blockchain.

About a month ago, the team at Populous World celebrated a monumental achievement where the Populous invoice discounting platform successfully...


A quick Community update.

We are currently in a moment of clarity after the first successful group bid winning the first live invoice, amounting to £190,000.00 GBP…


A legal opinion on Populous World Ltd (UK).

By instructions received on 23rd October 2017 and confirmed on 24th October 2017, I have been asked to advise Populous World Limited


A legal opinion on Populous Platform Ltd (Hong Kong, PRC).

Those instructing us, Messrs A. Williams & Co., act for Populous Platform Ltd (“Populous HK”), a company incorporated in Hong Kong.


Populous – You Say! I Say!

Some say crypto-currencies are just a fad and will go away. They have predicted doom for those who bought Bitcoin because it is about to go to Zero…


Populous…. Humble beginnings.

Populous originated as an idea and has been built from the ground up by the people, for the people. After months of work...


Populous – PXP, the Best Intel on the Market?

Business is war and to win you need intelligence. Business Intelligence (BI) plays a key part when strategising...


A sneak peek into Populous’ XBRL platform

The developers at Populous have created the XBRL platform (PXP), which is a BI (Business Intelligence) data analytics platform.


Populous (PPT) | Invoice Financing On The Blockchain

Populous aims to bring invoice financing to the blockchain and happens to be one of the highly ranked ERC20 tokens on CoinMarketCap.


Populous – Here We Come!

The nights were long and whilst you were waiting patiently or some of you impatiently behind the keyboard the Populous team was frantically...


Populous – History Made!

There was a number of tweets sent in the last few days. Did you understand the implication of these tweets?


Populous signs exclusive partnership with Komodo

The team at Populous have announced an exclusive partnership with the decentralised platform, Komodo. ......


Populous’ Beta set to go live May 1st 2018

The launch of live Beta is on track for May 1st, 2018. A date highly anticipated by the team behind Populous......


Populous’ Bounty campaign is now open 26/02/2018

Populous is offering an incentivised reward program, ‘Bounty’, in exchange for participants performing bug reporting tasks.....


Populous: Onward!

The Populous story is one that many might imagine as something out of the ordinary. But in the time of crypto, what is truly ‘ordinary’? Many try to find....


Beta v2.0 set to release 16/02/2018

One week on from launching v1.0, and ahead of schedule of the new timeline, the team at Populous have been grinding away and are thrilled to announce....


Populous (PPT): Tomorrows Invoice Market Place

Keeping up with new cryptocurrencies is becoming increasingly difficult due to the surging number of digital assets hitting the market. As such, revolutionary....


Populous Legal and Operational review — 12th Feb 2018.

The relevant information below confirms all legal, operational and regulatory work completed, in order to progress and establish the ....


Beta version 1.0 is open today!

Populous is to implement Beta v1.0 on 9th Feb 2018 at 1750GMT today....


Populous (PPT): It’s Days from Launching and About to Skyrocket

The Populous coin has been soaring – in both price and volume – over the last couple days, probably in anticipation of the....


Why Populous (PPT) Platform is the Best for Invoice Financing

Anyone who has made follow-ups on cryptocurrencies must have come across the populous platform (PPT) by now....


Populous Poised for Huge 2018 – Beta to launch soon

Populous is one of our favorites and the next 2 weeks promise big news from the team. The original roadmap promised a working Alpha for....


Blockchain Startup Populous Opens Its Doors With New Funding

News reports on Wednesday (Aug. 9) said Populous has raised more than $10 million and is now piloting its platform, which...


A Financial Revolution is coming

I would like to start off by saying, Populous is arguably one of the best projects to come out from blockchain space...


New blockchain platform aims to tackle £3bn invoice discounting market

Populous, a London-based startup, is set to launch a smart contract invoice marketplace. The new platform will use blockchain to disrupt...


Populous, A New SME Lender, Puts blockchain Into Invoice Finance

There is a sea of new FinTechs looking to challenge traditional banks in the U.K., and there is another sea of FinTechs exploring how to take blockchain from...