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Invoice Discounting

What is Populous?

Populous is a P2P invoice discounting platform that connects invoice sellers with invoice buyers who provide short term liquidity. The Populous platform hosts the invoice marketplace where buyers will compete to fund an invoice seller.

What is the difference between "discounting" and "factoring"?

In "discounting", payment on invoice due date is made by the invoice seller whilst in "factoring" payment is made by the invoice seller’s customer. However that does not mean that Populous cannot collect directly from the invoices seller’s customer if necessary.

Does Populous own invoices?

No, invoices are owned by the invoice seller, they are temporarily sold to invoice buyers, and revert back to the owner once invoice seller has paid back agreed amount.

What is a Liquidity Pool?

The Liquidity Pool are the funds that will finance the short term liquidity needs of the invoice sellers.

How much does it cost to sell invoices?

Populous charges a fixed percentage fee on the face value of the invoice based on winning bid.

What happens when I make late payment?

A charge, with the rate set at time of trade, for late payment will be incurred on a daily basis and compounded every 30 Days.

Are there any other fees?

No, only those fees stated above will be levied.

Are there any restrictions on industries which can sell invoices on Populous?

The Populous invoice marketplace is open to industries not normally available at traditional financing companies. These include freight and transportation, oil and gas, staffing, construction companies, recruitment agencies, retailers, wholesalers, software licensers, consultancies, technology companies, creative agencies, and exporters.

Which countries does Populous currently support?

Populous currently supports the United Kingdom and the China/Hong Kong markets. If your invoice originates from any of these two countries then you can sell your invoice on Populous.

Do I need to go through KYC procedures?

All invoice sellers and invoice buyers will need to go through KYC procedures.

What kind security does Populous use to protect my account?

The Populous platform utilises 2FA (two factor authentication) for user login, in the event of you needing to recover access to your account the KYC data you submitted will be used for you to recover access to your account.

How does Populous assess the validity of my business?

Populous carries out a background check on all invoice sellers for applicability. By submitting the required information, Populous can conduct credit risk analysis using the XBRL dataset which form the backbone of the assessment.

Can I sell my invoices on Populous?

Yes, provided you meet the minimal legal requirements that you issue invoices for goods or services, have more than one customer and provide a signed director’s guarantee.

Can I buy invoices on Populous?

Yes, there is no minimum requirement to participate in the Populous invoice marktetplace.

Can I buy invoices even if I do not reside in supported countries?

An invoice buyer is not restricted by geographical location. The only restriction is availability of interent connection. However you are responsible for compliance with all rules and regulations within the country you reside.

How do I make repayment when invoice is settled by my customer?

You can deposit fiat via a bank transfer from your company bank account to Populous Platform Ltd.

Can I deposit fiat or other cryptocurrencies to buy invoices?

No, only PPT can be deposited.

Can I buy invoices using PPT tokens?

No, you cannot use PPT to buy invoices. PPT are securitised in exchange for Pokens which you can then use to buy invoices. Your PPT will be held in escrow as collateral.

I would like to work for Populous.

Populous is always looking for talent and vacancies are shown on our careers page.