World data

Store and analyse large data sets from multiple global sources with confidence.



Enable businesses to benefit from easy access to high quality BI analytical tools.

Populous XBRL platform

Developed by data storage experts, by providing cost-effective access to datasets and analysis tools allowing all business access to tools that can help drive their business forward.


A wealth of data combined with powerful analytical tools, organisations can carry out a multitude of calculations on their data. These could include complex scenario analysis, business performance benchmarking to evaluate the health of a business, or trend analysis to identify patterns of customer behaviour.


Expedite data

Utilise private API, enable simple and secure data sharing with data results sent to mobile or appropriate device.

Low costs

Access, analyse and interpret the necessary data, whilst smart contract oracles keep the costs low and competitive.

Blockchain based

Open, impartial and transparent blockchain recorded data, eliminating the potentiality for error and misuse.

Use the power of data

We grant access to the future of business intelligence today

We involve professionals

Our platform allows the creation of individual reports, in addition also allows the offering of ready-made, third-party professional studies or custom-made to order for specific needs. This allows business to save time and present sophisticated work for a competitive outlay.

A futher aspect is that research companies, freelancers and the general public can build their customer base and benefit from the value associated with the Populous XBRL tokens (PXT).

PXT Information

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