Our company

The person behind the company defines who we are

Established in 2017, Populous was an idea-turned-reality when commercial data expert Stephen Williams envisioned a platform for invoice discounting and customer acquisition via “big data.”

Stephen invented the idea of using XBRL to data mine for prospective clients in the invoice finance marketing sector. Unfortunately, he could not get traction with his idea in the industry and at the time could not afford the “required” upfront cost of setting up the invoice discounting business.

Stephen was stymied until he caught the Bitcoin buzz in late 2016. Intrigued, Stephen decided to research further into this up-and-coming new technology. He liked what he saw and decided to marry the invoice discounting platform with the power of blockchain technology.

He launched a pre-ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to raise funds from “Main Street” investors to cover all upfront costs and further develop the platform with a view to revolutionise the industry.

The Populous’ blockchain-based invoice discounting platform is a win-win platform from creating new liquidity and expanding the pool of potential clients. Stephen’s idea would disrupt the invoice finance sector and introduce many in “Main Street” who were previously limited by barriers to entry.

With the support of the Populous community and now armed with a team of experienced financial and technology experts, Populous is ready to disrupt the multi-trillion dollar discounting industry.

Our vision

"To be a global leading invoice discounting company on Blockchain"

Our Mission


Providing an alternative platform for investors to invest by matchmaking them to invoice sellers.


Delivering value to potential customers before they realise they require short term cash flow by the XBRL customer acquisition tool.


Highlighting a corporate utilisation for the blockchain technology.


Helping businesses to access short term cash flow with the best interest rates.