Squish, stomp and stamp

Our bug bounty program aims to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities and issues which endanger our user’s privacy and the platform’s operations before they become a threat. Security is our utmost concern and we will work to ensure that our users are protected from any malicious party intent on disrupting our operations.

We willingly invite you to try hacking our platform and in doing so to advise us of any weakness or issues that you may find. Should you find any bugs, please report these using our online form.

Your time and effort will not go un-rewarded.


You will be rewarded $10 to $500 for each bug reported based on the seriousness of the bug report we deem that may have on the security of the platform.

Target products

Populous Invoice Discounting

Populous XBRL Platform


$ 51,000

Total bounties paid

56 issues

Rewarded vulnerabilities

332 reports

Were submitted

130 hackers

Helped us